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The experienced and efficient team of Jed Sourcing is capable of handling any customized services that our valued clients are looking for. We are committed to provide our clients worldclass service packages and generate high degree of customer satisfaction. Some of our regular services are listed below.


Fresh Order / OEM Service

Conceptual Product Development


Sample Development

Quality Control



Finished Product Supply

Sourcing Service

Search and Identify Manufacturer/Supplier


Structuring Contract

Quality Inspections

Factory Evaluation

Shipment Monitoring

Logistics Support

Buying / Trading Agent Service


Laboratory Testing


Inspection Service

Initial Product Inspection

During Production Inspection

Final Random Inspection

Loading Supervision

Auditing Service

Factory Audit

Social Audit

Compliance Audit

Local Office Service

Legal Support

Logistics Support

Setup Office for the Client

Maintaining Office



Business Consultation

Legal Support

Logistics Support

Conceptual Development

Project Management

Infrastructure Development

Business Networking


Investment Consultation

Organizational Development Service

IT Consultation

Events Management

Organizing Trade Fairs

Local agent for the Foreign Participants of Trade Fairs

Organizing Meetings

Travel Agent and Hospitality Service to Foreign Clients

Organizing different Events

Facilitating different Campaigns



The Initial Production Inspection checks the materials or components stored by the manufacturer for the production of your order. It also inspects the initial production run. This type of inspection identifies defective materials or components, as well as deviations from the customer’s specifications at an early stage, thereby minimizing the occurrence of non-conformities and allowing for timely corrections where necessary

The During Production Inspection or DUPRO checks semi-finished or finished goods and takes place when a minimum 20% of your order has been produced. A DUPRO improves your control over production, allows timely correction of defects and improvements to quality. It also allows you to verify that your order is produced according to schedule. Corrective action can be taken accordingly.

The Final Random Inspection checks finished products when at least 80% of your order has been produced and export-packed. Samples are selected at random, according to AQL sampling standards and procedures. The FRI ensures that the production complies with your specifications and/or the terms of your purchase order or letter of credit.

Loading Supervision checks that your order is complete and securely loaded into a container before shipment. This inspection ensures that the goods delivered by the factory are compliant with your requirements in terms of quantity, assortment, and packaging. LS also ensures that the export cartons are securely loaded into the container, and that the container is in good condition (clean, dry, damage and odor free).

The Factory Audit is performed by a qualified auditor according to a framework based on ISO 9001 standards and the client’s specific requirements. The scope of the audit includes assessing production facilities and the in-house quality control system (incoming goods inspection, in-process controls, final online inspections); packaging material management; non-conforming material handling; communication, document control & workflow; and complaints management. This service also includes reports containing general factory information, such as monthly production capabilities, the type of machinery used, the main products produced, and in-house / outsourced operations. The Factory Audit report helps buyers to select and maintain a highly qualified vendor base in a reliable and efficient manner.

Factory Audit Features:

1. Check the general information of the factory, which includes the existence, license, structure, number of workers, area of workshop.
2. Evaluate the manufacturer's production system, including working condition, facilities, machines, technical capability and environmental control system.
3. Evaluate the quality system to ensure the presence of internal quality inspectors and their competence with correct methodology for quality control
4. Evaluate the management system, but sometimes also commercial investigation in depth at customers` demand.

The concept of Social Accountability is based on:
The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights
The Convention on the Rights of the Child
And various International Labour Organization (ILO), conventions

The purpose of the Social Audit is to verify the supplier’s compliance with health & safety standards and local labour laws in accordance with recognized standards (SA8000 / BSCI / WRAP / ICTI…). The main concerns covered by this audit include child labour, forced labour, health & safety, freedom of association & collective bargaining, non-discrimination, disciplinary practices, harassment or abuse, compensation & benefits, working hours, environmental practice and homework.

Generally check based on SA8000, to make sure whether the manufacturers comply with Local and International Labor Laws; and also requirements of our valued clients, including child labor, minimum wage, overtime, social benefits, safety and health, protection of the environment and etc.

Laboratory Testing refers to the chemical or other testing inside laboratory to find out the materials used in the products.
Sometimes, on top of the Quality Inspection, Products need to get a formal Certification of conformity according to your local regulations. We can manage efficiently the testing of your production samples in liaison with local independent laboratories. For each type of Certificate needed ( CE, EMC, EN71, Rosh, etc.), we will select the Laboratory that qualifies best for both price and lead-time.

The objective of Laboratory Testing is to ensure that:
The products you ship meet your requirements.
The products you put on the market comply with local regulations and standards.

For example: toys must comply with the requirements of CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) and ASTM F963-08 (American Society Testing Material) for the US market.

We perform an on-site check about factory's manufacturing capacity including the actual conditions of workshop, production line, machine equipment, workers’ skill, raw material, technology capacity, quality control system and so on.

According to client's or international standards, we will check the factory comply with the rules of local corresponding labor stipulations, such as environment, vocational health, safety, social obligation and etc.

According to client's requirement or international standard, we perform an assessment on the factory's quality management system and evaluate its quality assurance capacity.

Examine plant's environment control system according to the requirements of client or standards. Estimate influences on environment from products and productive process.

Our company identifies suppliers based on their product ranges, quality, financial condition, state-of-the-art manufacturing unit, man power and efficiency of management and their quality policy. After finishing our initial assessment, all the necessary documentation are done and conveyed to our clients.

Having expert industry knowledge we can help our client achieve optimal pricing.

We can help advise on contracts so that our client’s interests are protected (penalty clauses, payment terms, delivery schedules, quality issues, long-term pricing, etc.

We arranges development of prototype patterns and samples, approval samples and patterns, grading to all requisite size ranges and size sets, production markers ensuring most judicial use of fabrics keeping in mind all technicalities of fabric to produce most desirable garments. Our developments include variety of cargos, denim’s casual shirts, t-shirts, shorts, jackets, jog suits, boxers, and ladies and girls dresses, blouses, t-tops, trousers, belts, bags & scarves.

Having extensive network of fabric and other raw materials supply from Bangladesh, China, Pakistan & India, We controls quality of all fabric inputs and coordinates timing of their procurement and imports and its timely delivery at garment manufacturing units.

Fabrics are tested for colour fastness, fabric strength, flammability or any other parameters set by buyers to ensure product satisfaction. Most commonly used fabrics include denims, twills, cotton and poly/nylon/viscose blends; yarn dyed plaids, stripes, dobbies, jaquards, herring bones, moss crepes, spandex yarn dyes, poly micro fibers, poly micro mesh, knit piques, interlocks, thermals, jacquards, french terries, fleece, ribs, double mercerized, etc.

For each production specimen, we analyzes and identifies most suitable country for the garment category that particular specimen pertains to, ensuring smooth flow of production and timely shipping.

We help production units to import required labels and trims if they are not available locally. Our personnel control strict adherence to labeling, packing and carton marking instructions provided by buyers.

We can provide appropriate samples to suit the season's colors, fabric and style based of our client's requirement. By offering this service, we assist our clients marketing efforts in their own country by giving them an edge over their competitors in terms of Quality and Price

We believe in maintaining systems and control measures from yarn-weaving-fabric stages in accordance to AQL 2.5 system to deliver flawless garments . Our quality assurance personnel stationed at all manufacturing sites ensure that all production units are geared to run on AQL 2.5, thereby eliminating the last minute rejection factor giving you value for your money.

Our Status report is based on the multi-stage inspections and after reporting they are transmitted to clients. Production progress is analyzed in every aspect to the delivery terms and suitable course of action is taken to ensure that goods are delivered on time with quality.

We check all shipping documents as per buyers instructions and ensure dispatch of documents as per dispatch instructions provided by buyers L/Cs, well in advance of the actual shipment arrival with intimation to buyers and their clearing agents.



We bring innovative thinking, customized products - services and rapid action together to meet ever-changing needs of our valued clients.