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JED SOURCING wishes to deliver the clients more than value for their money. We are here to serve them. We are because of them. We wish them to enjoy new recipes, new delights in their satisfaction. We do not follow trends, instead we set trends.
Our Company’s policy is not to speculate, not to gamble, not to undertake high risk deals. Slow but steady growth is our motto. We look for high customer satisfaction instead of high profit. Our company believes in moderate profit and highest possible quality.


Business Philosophy

  1. Our objective is to serve customers to their satisfaction. We strive to enable them taste new delights in quality and service. We make them break their own parameters of satisfaction.

  2. Management's job is not only to manage company profitably but to ensure its steady growth as well. Therefore, our management team is working tireless not only to manage the company, but also for continuous growth.

  3. Quick decision making, speedy implementation, harmonized, teamwork, deliver success.

  4. Investors are the owners of the Company. Safeguarding their interest in the prime duty of the Management.

  5. What is the best today, will not be so tomorrow and will be definitely rejected day after. Hence continuous quality up gradation can only retain customers.

  6. Knowledge input is the best quotient of profit. For future growth, knowledge sourcing and knowledge Management is the first requirement.

  7. Ways of the world never remain the same. Keep changing and you never live out.

  8. Wisdom attracts money, lack of it may cause loss of money. Therefore, continuous learning process is implemented in all sections of the company.

  9. Purity of means is more important than the ends. Come what may, great souls will never pick up means not ordained by ethics, morality and one’s religion.

  10. You earn money, you may loose it anytime, but if you tend to earn goodwill and integrity, money will never leave you.




Our Customer
We put our customers at the forefront recognizing & respecting their values , with a view to always meet their requirements and making their sourcing, a valuable one.


We commit ourselves to ensure that our people grow within the business.

We believe in their loyalty, team spirit and legitimate aspirations for always being successful.


We demonstrate decisive leadership and fast management reaction to secure maximum advantages of changes.


We recognize and always honor the investment of our customers , as well as our ethical and social responsibilities.

We respect our environment and its protection is part of our prime duties.


We compete on quality, service and value. We build our competitive edge on superior innovation and customer responsiveness.

We have a passion for excellence and our intention is to simply be the best.


Quality Service

Quality and customer service is an inseparable part of the company's policy. The company has strong associations with many renowned vendors known for their quality products.  Jed Sourcing ensures that all the products pass through stringent quality checks. The company always takes care in executing timely shipment and ensuring the right quality product as per the requirements of their global buyers.



We bring innovative thinking, customized products - services and rapid action together to meet ever-changing needs of our valued clients.